Today, we decided to do something a little fun and different so you can better get to know Starta With over 4.62 billion people on social media, users spend an average of two hours and 27 minutes scrolling on social each day. But it’s not just entertainment – we at Starta Strategies live for the strategy, content, analytics, visuals of social media; all of it. Some accounts stand out over others, and we’ve taken the time to compile some of our absolute favorite Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter accounts for you to gain some inspiration from (and may just introduce you to your new favorite account!) 


@upworthy – A feed filled with good things, and good things only. Especially in these times, when all of the news is filled with scary things, it’s nice to have something pop up in your feed that gives you the warm fuzzies.

@latermedia – Chock-full of great tips and advice for social media, presented in a totally relatable way. While we are an avid Sprout Social user, Later has an incredible Instagram basically targeting Gen Z and Millennials in digital marketing.

@headspace – Scrolling mindlessly through social media, we could all use a little headspace. That’s what you get when Headspace pops up in your feed: a little moment of meditation and rest from the world of social media.

@weratedogs – If you are in need of your daily dose of dog in your feed, you need to follow this account. Always giving the bestest boys and girls 11/10 ratings or higher, you will get to virtually meet dogs from all over the world.

@canva – You had to see this coming didn’t you? Canva is basically our love language. They are always sharing inspiration, cool font pairings, trends, and more. 

@60secdocs – 60 Second Docs share the most interesting stories of people from around the world. You will see things that you have never even thought about, hear about moving stories, and possibly learn something new, all in 60 seconds.

@insider – Insider gives you all of the top stories of the day in digestible bites, so it’s not too overwhelming, as much of the news can be.

@hungryjessbigcity – We adore Jess as she is the ultimate resource for what and where to eat. Based in Pittsburgh, Jess is basically our go-to for restaurant recommendations.

@smexaminer – Ever notice how social media is constantly changing? How could you not? By following the Social Media Examiner, you are kept up to date with the latest news in the digital world.


@bromabakery – Sarah Crawford created your go-to baking blog. Some of our absolute favorites (and party pleasers) have come from this feed. I mean do these red velvet cheesecake brownies not only *sound* delicious, but look it, too? – We are obsessed with Dani Digital’s approach to social media marketing. They provide top-notch tips and news for the social media savvy, but also have incredibly accurate memes and fun revamps of popular brands’ Instagrams.

@johnsfinancialtips – Don’t you just love learning about how to adult? Welcome to John Liang’s TikTok where he teaches you all of life’s personal finance cheat codes. 

@erinmcgoff – If you’re looking to apply to a new position, want to spruce up your resume, or are just entering the workforce, you need to follow Erin McGoff. She gives you the career advice you never knew you needed.

@ollenilssonen – The best way we know how to describe this account is just meditation for the soul. Nature and wildlife photographer Olle Nilsson takes the most stunning photos of the world around him and allows you to immerse yourself in the natural world.

@entrekey – Chirag helps business owners navigate the chaos by learning the latest in business, marketing, and technology and then sharing it with his followers. Yes, please!


@Adweek – This account goes out to anyone who has worked in marketing, advertising, or experienced agency life. Their account provides you with the latest news in advertising, marketing, media, and technology. They are constantly updating their Twitter feed, so you are always up to date.

@dog_feelings – Don’t you wish you knew what your dogs were thinking? Thoughts of Dog is the account you’re looking for.

@PRDaily – Don’t you just love staying informed? PR Daily is your one-stop Twitter account for educational resources for PR, marketing, and social media professionals. 

@attn – Stories that grab your attention. ATTN: calls attention to the inspiring, the innovative, the untold, through meaningful stories with macro impact.

@MoonPie – You wouldn’t think that a company that makes a dessert that’s basically a s’more in a package would have some of the best memes on Twitter. But you would think wrong.

Social media can be an amazing resource for news, inspiration, and tips. By following what’s trending, and taking note of what strategies worked/flopped, our team of social media marketers are able to hone in on specific techniques when posting on social media (and, it doesn’t hurt that social media is wildly entertaining).

Do you find yourself wishing your social feed looked like the ones listed above? Visit our website to learn more about how Starta Strategies can help elevate your social strategy.