Struggling to land a media placement?


Media Pitching 101: A 2022 Guide to Successful PR pitching

There’s no better feeling than seeing your business featured in a news story. Not only does it bring credibility and social proof to your brand, but it allows you to reach an entirely new audience of potential customers. This is why media pitching is a critical skill for small business owners to master. 

We’re sharing the pitching strategy that’s helped us land clients in publications like Business Insider and Forbes. 

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"A 2022 guide to successful PR pitching"

here's what you get in the guide:

How to craft the perfect pitch

Step by step on how to write a successful media pitch, including how to write a strong subject line, how to format your pitch effectively, and what to include.

How to find reporter contact info

Where can you find reporters contact info without purchasing expensive software?

What are reporters looking for?

From a subject line, best times to pitch, to what NOT to do when following up, what are reporters looking for in a story?