What We Do


All too often, entrepreneurs and small businesses overlook the branding elements of their business. Your colors and logo are a direct reflection what your brand represents, and often the first thing noticed by customers and potential clients. First impressions go a long way. You need a brand that is personal, unique to you, and has a strong foundation to support the company and what it stands for.

You need this branding to last. You don’t want to create something quick that will only last you a year, upon realizing it’s not allowing you to grow. You need a brand that will last for years to come, and will resonate with your ideal audience and customers. Whether you’re building a brand from the ground, up, or need to refresh your current logo; we can help.

our Branding process


We dive deep into your company and learn who you are, what you do, and who you’re serving. Establishing a strong foundation is critical to making sure your branding is sustainable and will resonate with your target audience.


Once we have our base established, we get to work! Our process involves mood and brand boards to make sure we’re on the correct path, and then design concepts sent your way. We walk you through every step.


Once you’ve had time to review the logo, we will make any necessary adjustments to make sure it is is refined! This means making any necessary edits, clean up any lines, and get everything ready for processing. 


Finally, we create the rest of the collateral and get all of your files ready to go. This could include a logo variation, font choices, color palette, and your brand book so you and your team are ready to grow!