You need a team of experienced, reliable advisors to help your business succeed. We've worked with Fortune 100 organizations to solopreneurs and pride ourselves on exceeding expectations when it comes to the success of your marketing campaigns.

Kayla Starta

Founder & President of Starta Strategies

As a seasoned marketing and public relations strategist, Kayla built Starta Strategies with the goal of helping businesses succeed through strategic public relations and digital marketing campaigns. She helps brands identify their unique messaging, channels, and strategy to create a strong connection with their audience and get their products or service to the people that need them.

Prior to founding her own firm, Kayla has served multiple roles in the marketing and PR space for companies across the nation, heading strategic campaigns and acting as a trusted advisor to Fortune 100 companies, global brands, and public figures alike.

While serving as the Manager of The Brinzo Center for Entreprenuership at Kent State University, Kayla has advised hundreds of entrepreneurs across multiple disciplines in the areas of strategic planning, securing funding, marketing strategy, and more.

Kayla was awarded the Distinguished Young Woman Award through the YWCA in 2018, and sits on the Advisory Board for She Elevates, a non-profit creating a pathway for girls ages 8 to 14 to be confident leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Kayla was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a wine & food fanatic, and enjoys being outside enjoying all four beautiful seasons.

Morgan Miller

Marketing and public relations coordinator

Since joining the company in August 2021 as an intern, Morgan’s dedication and talent have propelled her into the Marketing and PR Coordinator at Starta Strategies. 

Hailing from the vibrant city of Pittsburgh, Morgan graduated from Slippery Rock University in May 2021, majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications. Armed with her degree and a deep love for all things marketing, she dives headfirst into the dynamic world of digital marketing, social media strategies, email campaigns, and captivating design work. 

Beyond her professional pursuits, Morgan is an avid reader, music enthusiast, and a die-hard fan of The Office. With a passion for continuous growth and a knack for crafting engaging marketing experiences, Morgan is dedicated to making a lasting impact in the world of marketing and beyond.

Sarah Kincaid

Marketing assistant

Ohio born and raised, Sarah graduated with a degree in marketing and business administration. She’s experienced in different avenues of marketing, social media marketing, content creation, digital marketing, and communications. Throughout any job creative collaboration and building valued relationships motivates her most. When she’s not working, she’s spending time with her husband, or you can find her in the barn with the horses, watching Bravo, or laughing along to her favorite podcasts. 

Alex Palmiere


Alex Palmiere is a web developer from Charlotte, NC with 7+ years of experience, and has been involved in the development of 200+ websites across varying industries. He is always looking for ways to improve the user experience of websites he works on and takes pride in his work.

In his free time, Alex enjoys pursuing his love of health and fitness. He frequently goes on hikes to explore new places and loves to read to broaden his knowledge. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Kari Andrews

Virtual assistant and productivity consultant

Kari is “Your Business Bestie.”  She gives female entrepreneurs permission to delegate and help take the overwhelm out of their to do list. Her biggest passion in life is seeing other women succeed, so she has made it her mission to make sure women are equipped with all the tools they need to grow and scale their businesses in a healthy, balanced, and intentional way and not in an overwhelmed constant flight or fight way.  

She meets you where you are, whether you need help with taking things off of your to do list or you need an accountability partner to just help you organize your thoughts, systems, and focus on the next step.