Take a look at any social media platform, and you’ll find global brands, small businesses, and influencers all competing for your attention with a mix of video content. In fact, video has become one of the most crucial content types. 

A whopping 85% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool, with 92% of marketers agreeing that it’s an essential part of their strategy. The importance of video content is rising rapidly, and it’s particularly prevalent in social media marketing. Video content is now integral to marketing strategies aimed at younger generations, and when it’s targeted correctly, it can achieve incredible results. 

So why is video content so important for social media marketing? Here are just a few reasons why video content is currently topping the charts as the primary focus for social media marketers and presenting a vast opportunity. 

You Can Tell A Story, Showcase Authenticity, and Gain Trust

It’s now easier than ever to produce, edit, and share video content on social media. Everyone’s doing it – your brother, your kids, probably even your parents (no matter how bad the quality may be). This makes it a little more challenging to stand out from the competition, but it also provides significant benefits – like authenticity and trust.

Video content also allows brands to tell a story, before throwing in the bonus of promoting your product or service.

Framing communication as a story helps build an emotional connection, which can dramatically result in customer retention. Brands can also fuse their messages with entertaining and informative content by communicating via storytelling, making it far more likely that consumers will give up their precious time to watch it.

With video content, brands can show customers exactly who they are, what they stand for, and where they’re headed. Brands can use video to show personality, reframe existing narratives and even reposition themselves as a company. 

Video Gets More Exposure and Engagement

If you’ve logged in to any social media platform recently, you might have noticed video content within the first 10 seconds.

This is because video content typically performs best with most algorithms. After all, it captures a viewer’s attention for longer, which explains why 91% of active Instagram users watch videos daily. 

Many different social media platforms will promote new features to encourage more people to use them, many of which are video-related. For example, Instagram still promotes Instagram Reels to compete with TikTok, making it one of the best ways to grow on Instagram. 

Attention Spans are Short

People have very short attention spans – especially when they are online. Social media is an endless source of entertainment and information. You can just scroll as long as you want and keep getting new content.

It is the marketer’s responsibility to create content that instantly captivates the audience so that they would stick around. That’s why people don’t hesitate to click away from uninteresting videos. They know that a sea of content is out there that’s waiting for them.

Even when watching videos, people still have rather short attention spans. Videos may attract their attention for a few seconds, but the problem is keeping people engaged through the end of the video to provide your call to action. 

Create content that grabs their attention right away. Video is the perfect tool for that. Unlike long-winded articles, videos are much easier to consume. Be concise, be entertaining, and whatever you do, do not bore your audience.

Talk To Us About Your Video Campaign

Social media video campaigns have the potential to transform a business, providing rapid results that can send your brand awareness stratospheric. With video, brands can reach never before seen audiences and build trust quickly.

The most engaging content cuts through the wealth of online content and how to make your content relatable to your audience, creating an emotional connection that offers a transparent value exchange. Turning your channels into entertainment platforms through highly relatable, shareable video content will earn people’s attention and convert eyeballs into action. 

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